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Justin Bieber's Music Inspires Girl With Rare Medical Condition

Megan Ham, 11, has a rare medical condition called Lissencephaly, which has left her severely neurologically impaired.  Doctors told Megan's family that she would never walk, talk, or express emotion, but Megan has proved them wrong with her love of Justin Bieber's music! 
When Megan hears Justin's music she smiles and kicks her feet. "She just can't get enough of him," Megan's mother, Roxanne Ham, said. "It really helps her to get through the day...It keeps her happy and it keeps her comfortable," Megan's teacher Kim Graves added. 
Megan's reaction to Justin's music has shown her family that she can communicate and interact with them, despite what the doctors have said. "We never thought we would feel that, from what the doctors said at the beginning," said Michael Ham. "This has really opened up a lot of doors."
Now here family hopes that Megan will be able to meet Justin one day. "I just think meeting him would mean the world to her," Megan's mom explained. 
The story was brought to Justin's attention and he has promised to make a meeting happen. Justin tweeted, "MEGAN you stay strong for me and I'm gonna make sure we meet when i come to Portland. Love you and Thank You :)"


Justin Bieber - All Around The World (feat Ludacris)

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